About Reflexology

Reflexology is the safe practise of using precise hand and finger techniques to work reflexes in the feet, that correspond to all parts of the body.

Reflexology is Holistic, so treats the whole body, helping to improve circulation, reduce stress and aiming to restore balance in the body, whilst promoting health.


Reflexology does not treat specific diseases or disorders, but the nature of the application of reflexology means that it can though have a direct impact upon a specific illness or set of symptoms. 

What Happens During a Treatment


Reflexology is safe and non invasive, it is a very easy therapy to receive; The most clothing that will have to be removed for a treatment to take place will be your shoes and socks. 


A full medical history will be requested on your first treatment, and you will be asked to sign a consent form for treatment. This information will be kept confidential. 


During the treatment, you will be sat warm and comfortably in a reclining chair, I will then use my hands to apply consistent gentle, but firm alternating pressure to the feet and lower leg. You may feel areas of transient discomfort during your treatment, but overall the experience should be relaxing and comforting. 



How Will I Respond to the Treatment?

Everyone responds differently to their tailored reflexology treatment. The number of sessions I may recommend will be dependant on how your body responds, and I also implement the Clinical Association of Reflexology's 6 in 10 Rule;

  • If No Reaction after 6 treatments, do not continue.

  • If No Benefit after 6 treatment, do not continue. 

This safeguards from prolonged periods of unsuccessful repetitive treatments. 


Reflexology is self-prescriptive, so you can choose to have a treatment as often as you like.